Marianna Kistler Beach 

Museum of Art


The Marianna Kistler Beach Museum of Art offers an in-depth look at Kansas art and brings art and artists from around the world to the heart of Kansas. For more information visit here.

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Konza Prairie


Konza Prairie is located within the largest remaining area of unplowed tallgrass prairie in North America, the Flint Hills. Konza supports a diverse mix of species and over 700 types of invertebrates. See more here.

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Everyday living can be an expensive proposition – there's no need to make it harder on yourself by paying an exorbitant amount for rent.


All of our apartments and condos represent a great value. That isn't to say they're cheap, tacky, or low quality. We believe in clean efficient apartments and have for nearly 50 years.

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Schrum Rentals, LLC is a family-owned business established nearly 50 years ago.  We can offer that personal touch and the caring attitude that only comes with a family-owned business.  

We don't outsource our management! Everything is done in house which means you are treated fairly every time.  Whatever you need, we are here to help!

Flint Hills Discovery Center


The Flint Hills Discovery Center inspires people to celebrate, explore, and care for the Flint Hills. To plan you next trip clickhere.

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Schrum Rentals, LLC

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The great thing about living in the heart of Manhattan, KS is just how much stuff you find around you. Your favorite restaurants and bars  are both within short distance of your front door. It's convenient and adds to how much you get out of your place.


Ask us about a property near your favorite spots in town!